Design may be functional, but it draws in with the visual

Not many are drawn to use an app or browse a website that isn't visually appealing. The days of excusable ugly long gone, a distant memory of the mid to late 1990s Internet days. Likewise, the days of an overly busy web interface with far too many moving parts have left our zone of approval. Applications on the Web and mobile are expected to strike a perfect balance with the visuals. Not too much, not too littel, and there's no tolerance for eyesores.

RunningH20 was born upon a bed of aesthetics. We started out as a Web design agency with a sharp knack for eye-catching, visually appealing websites and graphics. We haven't strayed from our roots, and we carry this same ethic in everything that we do. Now our design services span the services of producing crisp and sleek User Interfaces (UI), seductive and compelling graphics, and logos that tell the story of your brand.

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For those who already are tapping into the Web via apps and websites, we can optimize your existing digital tools. Whether you need to redesign, redesign, or migrate your application to a more efficient hosting platform/cloud architecture — RunningH20 is a reliable company for this process.


Are your end-goals being achieved through your app and your site? This is a crucial component to using the Web effectively and efficiently for your business or the organization you're managing. With so many things to consider regarding tools that operate on the Web, you'll want to align yourself with people who have the insight, know-how, and capabilty to make sure your website or mobile application living up to maximum potential.


You want your digital tools to be secure, compliant with information technology mandates and guidelines, and ensuring of privacy for the users. Entrust your website and apps along, with its components, data collection and use, to a company that prides itself in privacy-first design/development and data integrity. We make sure your Web tools gain the trust and respect of your users — regardless of where they're based in the world.