Think BIG. What's The Impact of Your Endeavor?

Thinking big doesn't require a big idea.

Are you thinking BIG? Are you inclined to think big? Are you brave enough to not only think big, but also act big? First, let's make something clear right away. Do you equate 'thinking big' with a selfishly personal ambition to be praised? Does some form of showmanship or desire to be elevated above others come to mind when you are confronted with the phrase of 'thinking big'? If you think that's what is meant here, then you'll need to think again, rather than think big.

By thinking big, let's bring to mind the concept of 'impact' — positive, enabling, ameliorative impact. This world has a lot of needs, a lot of voids, and serious divides in many aspects of life. These divides and needs, these voids in all facets of society are usually those that hinder human potential. When human potential is hindered, then humankind's potential is limited as a result. This is where thinking big comes into play when you're anyone that is able to put forth something.

There're many adages that are a testiment to thinking big. You've perhaps come across the saying that: "if your ideas don't soound crazy or almost impossible, then you're not thinking big enough." While that's open to some level of interpretation, it holds true when you consider a number of perspectives.

For instance, when you come up with an idea, whether it be a new mobile appolication, a code base, or some form of methodology; ask yourself what type of ecosystem it'll create. Does it result in a symbiosis involving many different people, or multiple organizations that can equally benefit and even improve upon? Does it solve an age-old problem that has stumped humankind, or reverse a negative impact or potential demise of a marginalized group? Does it eliminate an out-of-control spiral of livelihood deterioration for humans, or lifekind in general? Is the thing which you want to bring to the world stage speed up or enhance a process that we abolutely must go through — like communication, finance, education, or transportation?

However, thinking big doesn't necessarily mean that your idea or product, nor your project in general — whatever it might be — has to be "big" in granduer. This isn't to say that any idea or creation need be as elaborate as a brand new social media network like Facebook, or financial transaction system like PayPal or Stripe. So-called "little ideas" can also be results of "thinking big". Afterall, the macro is comprised of the micro. Smaller ideas or creations can be highly impactful in the grand scheme of things.

Perhaps you've been toying around in a physics or chemistry lab with intentions of finding a way to enable high-efficiency supply chain methods that can work across a wide variety of scenarios and for a low ovehead. After a year or two of working with various blends of chemicals and environments, your research and trials produce a material which is a more fluid for 3d printing. Furthermore, you find that the raw ingredients used for this material is abundantly available throughout the world, and is able to be produced at a very high level of efficiency, further lowering its cost.

What you've done may have only been to produce a better goo for 3D printing, a seemingly one-dimensional, low-level impacting, singular idea which, at face value, appears to only effect something that goes into a 3D printing device. However, this material which is easily accessed and harnesses has such an impact on suply chains that it enables impoverished artisans to be able to participate in a global market whereas before the cost of production might have been prohibitively expensive. This breakthrough occurred because of big thinking. You weren't simply thinking of how to manipulate matter to show how skilled you are with chemistry and/or physics. Not only were you thinking of a way to produce a product that could turn a profit for your company; you were looking to go even further — to produce a profitable material that could also be easily afforded and used by many.

When you think big enough to have a goal that will be beneficial to more than just you and those who have a vested interest in your productivity, you're thinking big enough to have life-changing, shape-shifting, disruptive impacts on the world and the way that it works.

What has been the result of your big thinking?

Has 'thinking big' resulted in an idea for you, and you need helping making it become a reality? If you have a product, service, or idea in mind that needs to be driven by Digital, then you'd be in great company discussing it with RunningH20. Give us an earful and let's see what we can do by thinking big together.

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