RunningH20 Company Philosophy

RunningH20 operates with a philosophy of Social Purpose and symbiotic business relationships. Ensuring scalability and portability is always a top priority in our work. Our approach to development is to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge Digital Tools, while ensuring that they are tailor-made for them. We don't attempt to force any products or tools that are not fitting for the end goal of anyone we work with, even if it would mean a higher fee for our firm. Through the development of Digital Tools, our actual service that we provide is enablement.

Why The Name 'RunningH20'?

The name RunningH20 was chosen to represent the fact that Digital Technology and the Connected Approach is as vital to an organization - or anyone that wants to reach and achieve an objective with the world at large - as water is to the survival of living things. We consult and convey the crucial and essential nature that digital business tools, utilities, and methods have - furthermore how to apply them advantageously in the modern era of connectivity. We should also mention that it's easy to say ("Running - H - 20"), and looks cool on print...we think.


We make all attempts to allow for natural and unhindered growth with the products that we make or implement for clients. Room for growth and usability is a value that we take great pride in with our products. This is our attempt to build a supreme level of trust with our clients & assuring them that we attempt to give them the best and most flexible product at the initial cost rather than pushing them into cyclical consumption.


It's important that our clients receive products that are portable. That is to say, our developments are able to be used in a wide variety of ways and in many different situations. We want our clients to find our Digital Tools to be as useful as possible to alow them to be as innovative as possible. RunningH20's success IS the success of our clients.


Aside from working with clients and providing products and services for them, we stongly believe that putting forth ideas and initiatives is just as important. Working closely with and in the communities in which we're based, we set up digital entities that are businesses based on Web technology. These business endeavors are designed to be profitable to us as a company while adding economic value in the communities in which they are based. We like to think of these as 'Digital Gifts'. Our initiatives are also designed to improve upon or provide a better experience in aspects that are already staples in our present-day society. Such initiatives include enhanced and improved Social Media, payment systems, educational tools, business platforms, and others.

Not all of our initiatives are profit-oriented or commercial in scope. However, they still have the end goal to add value to the communities in which they are based. This falls in line with our Social Purpose, which we feel ALL businesses should have in today's world. We look diligently for opportunities to enhance and enrich the lives of youth, communities, and educational systems, community-service organizations, and similar. RunningH20 believes that everyone should have equal and unhindered access to pursue innovation and knowledge.

Being Future Smart

Our approaches are heavily influenced by future-smart thinkers such as Dr. James Canton, Daniel Burrus, and others along those lines. Any developent or consultation project that we undertake is governed by principles of being future smart. With exponential growth occurring, and to quote from the book Future Smart by Dr. James Canton — "...radical change is the mantra of the day." — it makes sense to keep our tools and offerings ahead of the game.

Being Anticipatory

We strive to be an Anticipatory Organization. Referring back to one of our main influencers — Daniel Burrus — who is the author of one of our guiding books which is titled The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage —, our philosophy is inline with what he evangelizes. That is, by staying alert and vigilant of what the future is likely to hold, it gives us an advantage that we pass on to our clients and with which we take our initiatives.

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Let's hear what you have in mind. What are your endeavors, and how far do you want to go with them? We have the ideas and Digital solutions to enable you in the Information Economy. Contact Us