RunningH20 And The Social Purpose

Our Social Purpose is in large part to provide technology-based solutions that enable entrepreneurs to carry on business and expand their reach beyond what a physical location can offer, and to overcome it when that limitation is a hindrance (i.e. - when the business is in an economically depressed location such as Youngstown, or an inaccessible, rarely travelled location).

Additionally, we engage in projects that are social in scope, such as seeking to create simulations/games that are VR (Virtual Reality based) that teach financial planning/saving and/or business management/entrepreneurship; programs based in AI that seek to produce better designs of the traffic control system in many cities; E-commerce platforms/ecosystems that enable home-gardeners to sell their produce (if allowed by law); and a number of other projects that are commercial in scope, but highly symbiotic to more than a few parties.

South Florida

1330 West Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Northeast Ohio

43 Beechwood Dr; Suite 2

Youngstown, Ohio 44512


Let's hear what you have in mind. What are your endeavors, and how far do you want to go with them? We have the ideas and Digital solutions to enable you in the Information Economy. Contact Us