RunningH20& Our Social Focus

Our Social Focus is in large part to provide technology-based solutions that enable entrepreneurs to carry on business and expand their reach beyond what a physical location can offer, and to overcome it when that limitation is a hindrance (I.e. - when the business is in an economically depressed location, or an inaccessible, rarely travelled location).

Additionally, we engage in projects that are social in scope, such as projects and activities that teach financial planning/saving and/or business management/entrepreneurship. As for societal endeavors, we work on programs that improve the quality of life and alleviate burdens that often manifet in day to day activity. Examples are projects in our pipeline that are based in AI which seek to produce better designs of the traffic control system in many cities; as well as E-commerce platforms/ecosystems that enable many small and family-owned businesses and independent contractors to work together in providing services at more affordable rates for customers.

Our company also offers a Digital Boost Award for the Youngstown, Ohio area which recognizes entrepreneurs with striving, promising businesses, and rewards them with digital services that can help them carry their business endeavor further.

Aside from these aspects of our Social Focus mentioned above, we're continuously looking for ways to add value to and enhance the communities in which we do business and have a presence. Our Social Focus scope will indeed be expanding. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on our social media accounts to be made known when we are active with our Social Focus.

image of a wooden bridge which signifies building bridges for helping communities.

Our Outreach

woman coding under the Youngstown Technology Initiative with Youngstown and RunningH20

Youngstown Technology Initiative | Cultivating a culture of innovation.

Partnering with Youngstown Forward, we're developing several web-based businesses and social platforms, to bring about a culture of technology-based innovation in the Youngstown, Ohio area. Learn more here.

RunningH20 Water Hustle image

RunningH20 Water Hustle | A financial education based in entrepreneurship

The RunningH20 Water Hustle is a financial literacy program based in entrepreneurship that is geared for youth aged 12-17 years old in economically depressed areas. Learn More here.

woman working on her business with help from the RunningH20 Digital Boost Award

Digital Boost Award | Recognizing & Rewarding Innovation

The RunningH20 Digital Boost Award is an initiative that recognizes individuals, companies, or organizations engaged in entrepreneurship and innovation that shows promise. We will assist with free digital tools to help further the cause of these endeavors. Learn more here.