The world is in motion; keep your message moving.

Streaming video and audio, conferencing with voice and video — this is the way that content is consumed and communication is done today. You'll have to keep yourself or your organization on the cutting edge if you want to be where the eyes and ears are. In the current times, where meetings and conferences are done remotely, you'll need to be geared up so your efforts aren't limited by time and distance.

To society's benefit, the grip on broadcasting by large corporations or licensed entities has been broken by streaming video and podcasts. However, presenting news and information shuold be done as professionally as possible. However, with the plethora of commerical platforms that are all too easy to rely, but at the expense of beign subject to either their repressive algorithmic models, or the haystack of other streams to contend with, having your own platform is a luxurious & and wise & option.

Whether your're in need of video production from story-board to post editing, current platform management, a strategy for media hosting, or a platform all to yourself, RunningH20's Multimedia Services can help with any of it.

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Multimedia content is far more than simply producing video and imagery. If your end goal is to reach the masses and convey an important message with video and imagery, then you'll need to develop and implement a solid strategy to ensure the best media content is produced and it's reach plan is effective.


From recording and footage cutting, to timeline arrangement, transitional effects and video filters, to the final cut — RunningH20 does Hollywood level video production and editing to produce a cutting edge rendering of video content for you to display on social media, your website, or to release onto any video streaming service.


Government agencies, corporate, and community organizations often rely heavily on broadcasting video to reach their citizens, clients, and audience with video. Live interactive conferencing is also an important mode of communication and engagement. With social media, there are algorithmic hurdles to overcome, privacy concerns with most, as well as heavy pricing (and privacy concerns there too) with commercial conferencing platforms. These are reasons to work with us to develop your own platforms and reach your people — on your terms.


If you're relying on the Web and other platforms such as social media, YouTube, Rumble, or others to host your videos and other media, you're going to need to ensure that they are fully optimized to be able to cut through the algorithms, as well as grab the attention of viewers — whose attention spans are becoming shorter. Our Multimedia Services include helping to make sure your media assets are tagged with proper metadata, named semantically and titled with proper structure.