Human Albatross

Soaring for hours, perhaps days.

Human Albatross is an adventurer's website. This multi-phased project is both commerical and informative in scope. The site itself is a collection of stories about travels, stays, adventures, and histories of places around the world. While the site doesn't focus on travel-resort/vacationing style of travel, the focus is more so upon places that aren't usually on bucket-lists or travel brochures. highlights the less-trodden path, and the esoteric move-about style.


Human Albatross Adventurer's Logs




Designer, Developer,

Setting The Look falls into the category of "visual-based websites". As you can imagine, the photographs of amazing places around the world take center-stage here. However, since the site also features well-written journalistic entries to be ancillary to the photographs, there needs to be a place for a sleek type-face and accommodating reading surface. Enter: dark and bold colors to provide a border — perhaps a trim — around the whitespace.

The organization of the site is monstrous, as it is divided by continent, and then further by country/nation. On top of that, there are sections of the website such as cuisine specific to various countries and cultures within, there are city guides as well, transportation, maps, and a user-generated content feature. So you can probably guess that it got quite pins-and-needlesish at times.

The fun part

The user generated content uses geolocation and mapping based on user input. People are able to upload pictures and stories associated with the photos, and it will plot on a map. Users can search locations for imagery and stories.

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