Creating the visual identity

Grubdom is part of the Youngstown Technology Initiative, and is a restaurant discovery and review system. Initially, the system was also an online ordering platform where customers could also place orders for pick up or delivery. The system also accommodates table reservations. However, it's presently a web site where users can search for restaurants by name, location, cuisine, or specific dish. They can get directions to the eatery that they choose, and read and leave reviews of restaurants.

Setting A Look

Color theory was consulted when choosing the color scheme. Yellow and orange are actionable colors, ones that excite and even educe feelings of hunger. The typeface for the wording was going to be a simple font, but needed to have a feeling of 'roundness' to complete the hunger, bite-compelling spirit. The box around the name is thin enough to make the name a focal point, while bringing to mind a carry-out box, food-porting device, or that general restaurant feeling.

home page of Grubdom screen shot Grubdom's home screen in a web browser.
Grubdom restaurant admin screen shot Grubdom's restaurant admin screen where many things can be controlled such as menu item and price changes, hours of operation, table reservation settings, and more. Reports can also be generated from the admin panel, which supports multi-users with elevated privileges.

Admin Back-End For Restaurants To Manage

Grubdom is equipped with a solid back-end admin system that gives restaurant owners and managers complete control over their menu, display of their open/close hours, and a lot more. Additionally, they can generate a variety of reports to give them insight into the activity of their establishment on the system.

Grudom mobile app screen shots The driver alert and deilvery instruction mobile app on the left, and the consumer app where customers can browse, place orders and make table reservations on the right.

The geeky part

The design of the interface is very open, and is taken care of aesthetically by the hot colors and restaurant logos. The development of the actual system was a beast, to put it lightly. Not only does it power the browser-based system of search and select, geolocation, and ordering (although at present, ordering is not in place), but also is central to two mobile applications — one for customers to browse and order from restaurants, and another for drivers to get notifications of delivery orders. Grubdom is a system built on the Yii framework, so yeah - a lot of PHP.

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