Thinking Forward With A Digital Perspective

What does it mean to be 'Digitally Forward'? Why is it important?

This is the Information Age. It powers the Innovative Economy and has re-shaped the way that everything — from business to education, from dating and even how work is done today. This has also been a rapid shift from the traditions that were set forth by the Industrial Revolution. The transformation to an economy based on Information Technology is what marks the Information Age. In fact, in the same way that the previous shift in ecomomics, business, and work was known as the Industrial Revolution, we can say that we are now in the Digital Revolution — as a world society, and not just in the United States and the traditionally "industrialized nations".

However, this era is different from the Industrial Revolution in the sense that the Digital Revolution is dynamic and fluid. What exactly does 'digital' mean? What exactly is meant by the word 'information'? As the devices that we use, the ways we interact with others, and as new technology enters the domain of research, development, and market launch — so does the focus and paradigm of the Digital Revolution.

This is why you need to be 'digitally forward'. You need to be anticipatory, future-smart, and technologically-adept in order to thrive in the Innovative Economy. Even further, you need to be technologically and digitally fluid to at least remain on the curve of business, education, innovation, and even basic communication. It isn't a one-and-done process.

There are far too many individuals who are tasked with steering an organization, company, or goal-oriented group towards prosperity, yet are also people who look for ways around technology and digital transformation. They keep their courses and methods on the same trail that were the effective in the past. Those were the days before the rapid, exponential, and unstoppable change that today's society is marked by. As a result, their efforts — and the efforts of those whom they lead — are quite hampered, or at best don't thrive the way in which they could, if they were digitally driven.

This doesn't have to happen to you, your company, your organization, or any effort that you're managing or undertaking.

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