Entrepreneur Digital Boost Award

Enabling Those Who Take Leaps

As part of RunningH20's Social Purpose, and in our efforts to aid and abet innovation wherever we spot it, our Entrepreneur Digital Boost Award is designed to enable and empower entrepreneurs that are also setting forth in business with a Social Purpose in their mission.

Twice yearly, we'll scan the radar to see who is taking steps to empower themselves in a manner that will establish their company, organization, or efforts in a lasting way. While it doesn't necessarily have to be a for-profit endeavor, we will reward any efforts that are diligently taking correct steps, with a 21st century, 4th Industrial Revolution approach to business and innovation, AND those that have a positive impact on society and the communities around them.

Our Entrepreneur Digital Boost Award takes the form of financial assistance, and free digital development. This can be a website, mobile app, digital marketing consultation, or other assistance that will enable startups and/or individual entrepreneurs to propel their efforts even further. Our focus is on inner-city businesses or efforts that emerge from those who are from traditionally marginalized areas and/or backgrounds. The highlighting factor is that these efforts have and underlying or an accompnaying Social Purpose

If you are or know of a company, organization, or individual who should be on our radar, and a possible recipient of the Entrepreneur Digital Boost Award, please let us know by emailing

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