A Fluid Philosophy

RunningH20 operates with this base philosophy: businesses should be symbiotic relationships. With our work and projects, our guiding principle of always seeking to be Anticipatory and Future Smart. These are two concepts that were learned from business thought leaders Daniel Burrus and James Canton, respectively.

With our work and projects, our underlying goals are to ensure scalability and portability. Our approach to development is to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge Digital Tools, while ensuring that they are tailor-made for them. We don't attempt to force any products or tools that are not fitting for the end goal of anyone we work with, even if it would mean a higher fee for us to collect. Through the development of Digital Tools, our actual service that we provide is Enablement.

Our Culture

Our company is a meritocratic operation, and our priorities are remarkable productivity above all else. We are not subscribers to any socially defined tenets other than basic morality, responsibilty — as a company and within the individuals that our company is comprised of. Each member is expected to develop and maintain their highest level of potential as it relates to the work that we do. Our hiring, growth, promotions, and positioning for individuals is based upon skill, talent, potential, and dedication alone.