Code Hearted

A movement to empower.

What is Code Hearted?

An organization that aims to empower people through technology, specifically - via learning web and software programming languages. 1st the marginalized.

Learning and embracing technology and programming languages is instrumental to greatly enhancing not only the quality of personal life, but also your community.. If you look around at cities and communities that have made the move to adopt technology as the foundation and/or force that drives their economy, you'll notice that they are either thriving or re-emerging from a serious economic downslide. A classic look at this would of course be the San Francisco Bay area, in particular - the Santa Clara Valley on the extreme end, and cities such as Columbus, Charlotte, Austin, and others as far as cities that have revamped their economies after embracing technology.


South Florida

1330 West Ave

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Northeast Ohio

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Youngstown, Ohio 44512


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