RunningH20 and Digital Diligence

WHAT Is RunningH20?

RunningH20 is a Digital Technology company with a focus on Web and Mobile development. Our projects have consisted of web sites (design and functional/interactive development, as well as content and SEO strategy), e-commerce systems, subscription/membership system websites, and mobile applications. Additionally, we are motivated to engage in projects that involve AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT, robotics, and as 3D Printing.

In incorporating these additional technologies, RunningH20's operation will be applied to the areas of financial technology, bio technology, and nanotechnology, what we believe to have coined as 'EconoTech'.

WHO Is RunningH20?

This cooperative is comprised of forward-thinking individuals, each having an inner-passion for their respective craft of website and application development, and the ability to traverse the various aspects of digital development. However, RunningH20’s list of professionals doesn’t end there, our team includes individuals who specialize in graphic design, branding, multimedia, SEO/SEM, social media, content creation and the associated latest digital marketing trends.

Collectively, we are a future-smart and anticipatory organization that listens intently to your needs as a business, organization, or individual entreprenuer — and crafts solutions that are best suited for your goals and which are most likely to work in today's Information Age. We help you capitalize on that which powers the Innovative Economy.