RunningH20& Digital Diligence

We are a multinational and multi-sector firm that provides insight and services to private industry, educational and governmental/administrative organizations. As well, we produce native businesses and align with existing ventures, using Web and data as the main tools in our process. The area of focus is to produce a product/solution, or provide a service, that adds overall value and enhancement — whether for our clients or in which our own native venteures/collaborations operate. We're looking to solve problems of struggle in business & entrepreneurial efforts, as well as society.

We're a globally distributed company with associates in New York City; Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan; Fargo, ND; and Honolulu. Our Native Businesses Endeavors operate in the United States, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Jamaica — and soon to be other places.

RunningH20 is a future-smart and anticipatory organization that listens intently to your needs as a business, organization, or as an individual entrepreneur — and crafts solutions that will work in today's Information Age & Digital Economy. We help you capitalize on that which powers the Innovative Economy.

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Our Character

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The Name | What does it mean?

It represents the fact that Digital Technology and the Connected Approach is as vital to your endeavor with the world at large & as water is to the survival of living things.

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The Approach | Future Smart & Anticipatory.

Any developent or consultation project that we undertake is governed by principles of being future smart. It makes sense to keep our tools and offerings ahead of the game.

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The Focus | Strengthening Our Clients.

By staying alert and vigilant of what the future is likely to hold, it gives us an advantage that we pass on to our clients and with which we take our initiatives.

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Social Inclination | How we give back.

Our initiatives are also designed to improve upon or provide a better experience in aspects that are already staples in our present-day society.

Our Endeavors

Leveraging research & economic application, multimedia and innovation for business development.

Our Native Endeavors are value investments manifest in native business creations that operate symbiotically within the communities they are set forth in, often lining several sectors of industry and creating new markets in the process.

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The Humans